Residing in one of Malvern’s leafiest pockets, Contour presents a boutique collection of residences by Ascui & Co. Architects. Artfully-designed and immaculately-appointed, these sculpted homes are an embodiment of their exquisite address, inspired by the organic beauty of nature. Here, all of Malvern’s natural and cultural delights are within arms reach, gifting residents with a rich yet ever-tranquil existence.

Architectural vision

With the utmost consideration for site and neighbourhood context, Ascui & Co. have envisioned a design that gives back to its occupants, nurturing an effortless and elevated living experience. Combining understated materiality, a sweeping form and inherently practical planning, Contour is a sophisticated composition nestled amongst tranquil greenery.

Ascui & Co. are a Melbourne-based firm with a reputation for establishing unique and forward-thinking design solutions. They believe in recognising possibility that is invisible to others; in finding ways to create beauty through innovative, practical design. The firm is often inspired by the curve motif – a design language they utilise with precision. This is exemplified by Contour’s rounded edges and the sinuous wave-like elements tracing the periphery of the building, reminiscent of nature’s organic forms.

Gonzalo Ascui - Director,
Ascui & Co. Architects

“There is an elegant softness to the building – we’ve avoided rigidity and sharp lines. The building curves around the corner site, following the natural path of the land. Sinuous wave-like elements trace the form of the building, sweeping from one face to the other in a flowing gesture.”

Gonzalo Ascui, Director, Ascui & Co. Architects

Situated on a corner site, the facade follows the natural path of the land with its soft, rounded edges. A series of contours sweep from one face to the other in a flowing gesture, giving definition to balconies, slabs and large glazed windows. This also creates both outlook and privacy within each apartment.

Simple materiality of white concrete and deep grey metal provides a perfect counterpoint to the verdant garden setting. Light is paramount to the design, drawn deep into the internal spaces through vast expanses of glass. Expansive terraces and balconies foster a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living while affording panoramic views of the leafy streetscape.

thoughtful design

Imagined by Ascui & Co., the interiors reflect the immaculate sophistication of the architecture. Each space has been generously appointed, boasting high-end finishes with rich textures. Throughout, practicality harmonises with beauty, creating a luxurious yet ultimately functional living environment with a tranquil atmosphere. Featuring walls of glazing, there is a sense of open grandeur to the interiors that brightens everyday life and allows residents to connect with the outdoor environment.

Recognising the importance of first impressions, Ascui & Co. have curated a considered and inviting apartment entrance. Here, a robust stone plinth with a built-in draw presents a place for ornaments, indoor plants, keys and letters. Backlit for striking effect, a curved mirror creates an air of elegance while the layout of the floorboards emulates the experience of a hallway.

Defined by floor-to-ceiling windows, the open-plan living room is awash with abundant natural light and verdant vistas of the landscaping and surrounding treetops. Housed within stone joinery, an opulent fireplace creates a cosy atmosphere while efficiently heating the space.

Engineered timber floors in a timeless Herringbone style provide the perfect base for living – a material as sturdy as it is beautiful and texturally rich.

Adorned in a palette of luxurious yet neutral finishes, the living room is a sanctuary for residents to fill with their favourite furniture pieces, homewares and artwork. On warm days, slide open the doors to the terrace to create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living, perfect for entertaining and optimising ventilation.

As you enter the space, the solid quartzite stone island bench instantly draws in the eye, distinguished by the same sweeping contour seen on the facade and at the apartment entrance.

Full-height joinery with a wood grain texture has been paired with elegant fluted glass cabinetry, which together, provide a home for all your culinary tools and pantry items. Bringing a sleek and modern feel to the palette, a suite of premium Gaggenau appliances ensures all meals are perfectly cooked.

Walking into these spaces, the curves are a visual delight. They blend and bend space, allowing light to flow around the corner, coming right into the room and illuminating the finishes.

Appointed with precision, Contour’s luxury finishes palette has been curated by Ascui & Co. to cultivate a rich sensory experience within each space. Chosen from the industry’s most trusted suppliers and creators, immerse yourself in a beautiful collection of natural stones, engineered European Oak herringbone timber floors, soft 100% polyamide carpets, textured joinery, ribbed feature tiles and glass elements.

Together, these premium materials create an aesthetic of timeless sophistication while gifting a low-maintenance lifestyle and unrivalled durability.

Defined by fluid curved walls, ample sunlight and an opulent palette of materials, the master bedroom has been designed to feel like a private sanctuary. The space is set upon plush carpet, selected for its durability and luxuriously soft feel. A spacious walk-in-wardrobe provides a place for all your belongings, equipped with custom shelving and a refined fluted-glass door.

Illuminated by dappled light, the palette here is calming and natural, exhibiting full-height tiling on all walls, solid stone benchtops and fluted-glass partitions. A double vanity affords a sense of hotel-style luxury, complete with plentiful integrated storage.

Boasting an expansive shower and free-standing bathtub, enjoy moments of pure self-care whenever you please.

Encompassed by a border of verdant foliage, Contour’s expansive courtyard is seamlessly connected to the living area, allowing residents to create an indoor-outdoor sanctuary throughout the warmer months of the year. Stylish grey tiles offer the perfect place for an outdoor setting, juxtaposed by vibrant greenery.

The entire garden pivots from the mature Liquidambar; it sets the structure for the design.